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My name is Kelly. I am wife to one and mommy to three. If its left up to me, that's the way I'd like it to stay. :-) I've been through a lot of struggles and down falls, but I'm thankful for God's hand in my life as well as His grace and mercy.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hi there. It's been awhile since I've gotten to sit down and type. Thought I'd take a few moments while the kids are behaving (gotta hurry that is most likely short lived)! This morning started out to be quite the thrill. I was privileged enough to clean up diarrhea that oozed out the back on my 2 year olds diaper when I laid him on the floor. The best part....that it was soaked up by the wool pottery barn rug. *sigh* Now, I've never had to clean poop out of a wool rug; but I'm hoping the vinegar water and a touch of sunlight will do the trick. I'm praying that is the most eventful part of my day. I'm leaving my hubby with all 3 kids this weekend so mommy can go to timeout. Timeout is the only way it seemed logical to Gabriella, so timeout it is! Headed to CRAFT WEEKEND! So excited! I am, however; nervous/anxious about leaving my 3 little monkeys. I've never left them overnight before. Well, with the exception of my hospital stay after delivery and when I stayed with the 2 youngest while they were in NICU. Timeout is a good idea for all mommies. I know it's time for this mommy because my patience stick looks like a piece of rice! YIKES ! DID I MENTION I AM ÜBER EXCITED?!?!?!?On a side note... Ana is growing way too fast! I do love this stage she's in though. The smiles and giggles accompanied with lots of drool and hand batting. She's just too sweet for words! I still am not 100% sure if she's my last. I'm so torn. BUT for the time being I'm just going to enjoy Ana and every sweet little toothless grin she throws my way. I may try to blog from Craft Weekend, ok who am I kidding?! I'll be having way to much fun creating and interacting with the other ladies. I'll touch base when I get home!

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