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My name is Kelly. I am wife to one and mommy to three. If its left up to me, that's the way I'd like it to stay. :-) I've been through a lot of struggles and down falls, but I'm thankful for God's hand in my life as well as His grace and mercy.
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ Craft Weekend !!!! ~

Here we are! Newton, KS for CRAFT WEEKEND! I'm having SUCH a great time. So nice to be spending this fun filled weekend doing what I love; and what's even better is spending it with a great friend. All the women are so nice and we've all just about finished our aprons! Ugh, that reminds me...I didn't snap a pic of mine before coming up. In the am. I do miss my hubby and babies, but Daddy is taking good care of them. I believe the kids were pretty excited about their trip to Chuck E Cheese! Here's a few pics I've managed to snap. More to come as the weekend continues! Tomorrow we are headed to the antique shop (featured on American Pickers)! So excited about that! G'nite

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