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My name is Kelly. I am wife to one and mommy to three. If its left up to me, that's the way I'd like it to stay. :-) I've been through a lot of struggles and down falls, but I'm thankful for God's hand in my life as well as His grace and mercy.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thought I'd take just a minute to sit down and jot a few things down. I have a baby drooling all over my left hand, one that is obsessed with my title, "mommy, mommy,mommy" and another that is asking 20 questions a second. However; this is MY crazy beautiful life! I've been very busy trying to keep up with these 3 as well as our home and a few other things, not sure why I'm alwaysv tired....brb. Ok. Well, that was fun. I missed going to the gym tonight; however managed to get my workout in. It went something like this. "Babe, time for the kids to be in bed." and the process begins and ends with the routine down to a science and everyone in bed without a hitch. I journey back down stairs with the baby to lay her down and put away the clean dishes from dinner...lay her down with her paci, Gabriella starts crying. Up to Gabriella's room, then Layton fusses, back downstairs to the baby who is now upset. Get her calmed and laid back down, back to Gabriella's room, and into Layton's, back down to finish the putting the dishes away, Ana. Ugh, Gabriella again; back upstairs. Ok, everyone is finally quiet, QUICK finish putting those blasted dishes away. Baby is not happy, ok at least the dishes are put up and I hear silence from the second story. Ana, is finally passed out on my lap and I'm free to type until my heart is content, ok well, until she demands my attention. :-) Im now tired from thinking about all the calories I just worked off going up and down and up and down and up and down and up, ok you get the picture. On a much calmer note, I did take Ana (and Layton) for her 4 month checkup yesterday. I really thought that she would be much bigger than the reality. She weighed 13lbs 10oz and measured in at a whopping 23.5" which is 5% of 100 other babies her age. She is rollie pollie, but on a small scale. Either way, she is perfectly healthy and growing on her own slow terms. Just thinking about how rough a start she had just 4 short months ago and now looking at her sweet little chubby face, makes me very grateful that God saw it fit to add to our Crazy Beautiful Life! Goodnight folks! No, I'm not really going to bed. That doesn't take place until much later. However; there are other things I must do, HEY I get to take a shower!

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