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My name is Kelly. I am wife to one and mommy to three. If its left up to me, that's the way I'd like it to stay. :-) I've been through a lot of struggles and down falls, but I'm thankful for God's hand in my life as well as His grace and mercy.
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday 5.6.12 aka #thehubsbirthday

Today begins my blogging adventure. I hope that each post brings a smile and maybe even a little joy to your life.

So, here we go...

Sunday is the day that I've grown to really have a love-hate relationship with. My little ones will sleep well past 10am if given the chance, and even longer some days. So, Sundays always tend to, let's just say, show the side of mommy that needs Jesus. Or we could also say its the side that has Jesus, and mommy is just angry without sin (ok ok, I confess, it's probably the first). Either way, I probably could use an additional dose of grace on Sundays.

After we've gotten everyone 97% dressed and we're all buckled in the car and ready to go
, already fussing about the buckle on her car seat,
you forgot MY DRINK
! Let me just say, my eldest princess is, shall we say, DRAMA.
(in my most patient voice I could muster,
I have it hear in the diaper bag.
Shew! Crisis averted. Ok, now let's continue the 25min ride to church. Hey, is that right? Does the clock actually read 9:38? Are we ON TIME?! Honestly, I don't recall the last time that has happened; don't judge, just keep reading.

Well, actually not too burst your bubble, but today was pretty uneventful. I know, right?! Seriously, I think the most eventful part of the day was when I took Gabriella to walmart to pick out a present for daddy. After we've finished our shopping, Gabriella asks to see the fish. I assume that it will be harmless just to take a peek. Boy was I wrong...

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