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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~ Princess Gabriella's 4th Birthday ~

I'm having a very difficult time coming to the realization that Gabriella will start kindergarten next fall and that my sweet Ana will be ONE in 6 months. Laugh if you will, but she's my last and it's so sad that she's growing so quickly! I love her age now. All the cuddles and sweet kisses and the sucking of her lil' piggy toes. Ahhh, just heart melting.

Sassy pants herself is getting too big for her britches (not literally, she's still a little peanut). Gabriella can be such a sweet heart at times and then there are the other times when I can't even stand to look at her! I'm praying that 4's will bring my angel back.

Friday is her birthday party at the park. She decided she wanted a smaller, simpler party so that we can go to American Girl on Saturday. The American Girl magazine (as she calls it) came in on Monday (how convenient right) and she's been sleeping with it, along with her Bitty Baby since. It's so sweet. (see pics)

I asked the "Princess" what she would like for her birthday party meal as well as what she'd like for her actual birthday breakfast. Of course pizza for the party; and chocolate chip pancakes for her breakfast. Oh yes! she is a girl after her mommy's own heart.

To my sometimes sweet, always sassy, and just as lovely today as the day she was born, little "big" girl....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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